Post Date: June 28, 2023

X1Jet Stitch Enables Tight Integrations

The Markoprint® X1JET Stitch is a versatile printer with proven HP-class inkjet technology. Its space-saving electronics are located behind the cartridge, which makes installation in confined spaces possible. The print system can be expanded with additional printheads to code two or more 12.5 mm print images simultaneously.  Up to 8 X1JET Stitch printheads can cascade to code print images up to 100 mm tall.


  • Durable case made of milled and anodized aluminum
  • Patented Click ‘n Print cartridge holder for quick and easy cartridge replacement
  • SmartCard function ink cartridge recognition and automatic parameter settings
  • Space-saving electronics fitted behind the cartridge
  • Application in confined installation conditions
  • Up to 8 printheads can be cascaded to print a 100 mm high print image

The Markoprint® X1JET Stitch applies dates, barcodes and graphics to a wide range of surfaces in both warm and chilled environments, producing quality marks every time.  Industrial inks such as HP 2590 are rated to work in food processing rooms ranging in temperature from 32° to 95° Fahrenheit.

All Markoprint® coders utilize iDesign message creation software to allow users to generate and edit batch codes, as well as control output speeds, view job status, and check print quality and ink levels. And to replace the ink cartridge they simply click out the used one and click a new one into its place.

The X1JET Stitch printer is maintenance-free so there are no additional annual costs, and each cartridge can produce Coupon printingup to 400,000 prints, therefore consumable costs are low.  Inks are available for coding both absorbent and non-absorbent substrates.

Common uses of X1JET Stitch include multi-lane applications in a large packaging plant.  These coders are regularly integrated on Form Fill Seal machines, egg packers, dosing machines, high-speed feeders, bag sealers, conveyors, and much more.

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