The mission of AT Information Products (AT Info) is to help manufacturers and customers keep their packaging lines running, so revenues are maximized.   This we do by offering a broad line of Markoprint® and AUTOPRINT® industrial inkjet printers and inks to identify and code products, unit packages, and outer shipping cartons.  The technologies we offer are quickly replacing outdated legacy print methods that no longer meet the needs of manufacturers in a world transitioning to environmental sustainability.

Our company was founded more than 30 years ago.   We saw the future and predicted the backlash against Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) and other hazardous print technologies.  Customers no longer have the patience for messy, stinky, unhealthy printing methods for their packaging applications.  Health care costs are skyrocketing, and employers can no longer afford to put their staff at risk by exposing them to the toxic fumes from CIJ inks.

AT Info deploys Markoprint® and AUTOPRINT® print high-quality alpha-numeric text, barcodes and graphics.  Single pen models are ideal for printing use-by-dates and traceability codes on unit packages like chipboard boxes, metal cans, glass bottles and plastic containers, flexible film, and pouches.  Two, four and eight head models are cost-effective solutions for printing content descriptions, barcodes, and graphics on outer shipping cartons.  All Markoprint® and AUTOPRINT® industrial Inkjet printers feature high definition print up to 600 dpi, easy to use WYSIWYG software and reliable ink delivery systems.  Integration of our inkjet systems on existing packaging machinery – such as Form Fill Seal, label applicators& rewinders, bag sealers, egg carton machines, high-speed feeders, and more – are typically fast and straightforward.

One of the key differentiators of AT Info is the ink products we offer our manufacturers and distributors.  Inks are typically categorized by porous versus non-porous applications. They are available in disposable inkjet cartridges or a larger ink management system. Some of the bulk size systems can be hot-swapped, so production never halts during an ink changeover.  The focus on cost per code is critical and AT Info leads the industry when Total Cost of Ownership is properly calculated based on hardware, ink, labor, sanitation, safety and production uptime.

AT Info has always been associated with high-performance products and brands, and we take special pride in supporting and servicing the needs of our customers. Customer satisfaction is our commitment and primary mission.  Our spirit shines through in the technical support of our products, which we deliver in person, over the phone, and via online webinars.  We also have an equipment loaner program which helps customers stay running two and three shifts per day.

AT Info is headquartered in Mahwah NJ.  We have additional sales offices in the Midwest and West Coast to support our extended sales force.  Certified distributors are located throughout the USA and Canada.  Together, we look forward to assisting and training you to install, use and maintain our lineup of Markoprint® and AUTOPRINT® systems which are widely regarded as the BEST VALUE INDUSTRIAL INKJET CODERS that money can buy.