AT Info partners with leading experts in serialization to deliver comprehensive, modular, and turn-key solutions that meet current regulatory requirements.  Our serialization solution addresses the requirements of the US DSCSA for the pharma industry, and the growing number of industries now adopting serialization, including food/beverage, tobacco, electronics, and automotive parts.  The high level business benefits for this serialization system include authentication, track & trace, diversion detection, returns/recall management, and brand enhancement.

The printing aspect of the serialization solution relies on AT Info’s line of Markoprint® coders to deliver high-res print quality of 2D / datamatrix barcodes and alpha-numeric characters.  Markoprint® print controllers are multi-layered, password protected and easily validated.
The Markoprint® products commonly used for applications of serialization include the X1Jet, iJet, and X2Jet + twin pens.  For applications where space requirements are tight, the X1Jet Stitch is a controller and printhead all-in-one with a slim design.  Coders are easily integrated with existing packaging machinery and are a critical component to AT Info’s integrated serialization solution.

In addition to coding equipment, Markoprint® includes clean green water-based inks for standard porous cartons and a growing line of industrial inks for more difficult surfaces.  Self-contained TIJ print cartridges jet solvent-based inks in order to adhere to a variety of non-porous packaging surfaces.  From foils to paper-based substrates, hard plastic, glossy boxes and more, Markoprint®  inks are well positioned to print on virtually any surface where serialization is required.

The advantages to customers who implement AT Info’s serialization solution are many:

  1. Price, both for upfront investment and ongoing cost.
  2. Flexibility, as our system can handle the wide variety of packaging configurations required.
  3. Integration, including a Level 5 cloud data base integrated with the packaging line solution.
  4. Printing, a very cost-effective system that works right out of the box, and provides excellent results.
  5. Rapid implementation / validation, in order to meet regulatory deadlines.