AT Info offers coding solutions designed to perform across a wide range of materials used in Beverage packaging. From rigid plastics, to flexible plastics, paperboard, rigid metal, glass, and more, discover why beverage manufacturers are choosing AT Info’s Markoprint® systems for their coding requirements.

Our high-resolution Markoprint® coders provide alternatives for printing on bottles, cans, pouches and cartons. We can print directly onto the product, or code the lightweight sleeves that are applied to the beverage containers.

Beverage coding doesn’t come without challenges, but Markoprint® can be utilized to overcome many of them:

  • Various types, shapes and sizes of products
  • High-speed production line requirements
  • Multiple labels or codes that vary ongoing
  • Harsh environment including dust, condensation and temperatures

The Markoprint X1Jet Stitch – for example – has a slim, space-saving profile that allows installation of multiple printers in environments where space is severely limited. It’s a printer and controller all-in-one, and can easily handle date codes, lot/batch codes, barcodes, QR codes, and other identification codes.

One of the many fits for Markoprint technology is metal lidding for beverages. Our light-solvent inks are protected by HP 45si print cartridges so ink spills are a thing of the past.