Case Coding

AT Info offers a broad line of inkjet marking alternatives to help packaging operations overcome inefficiencies associated with case coding.  These inefficiencies – or pain points – cost manufacturers time and money, making the packaging process a bottleneck at times.

Pain Points

  • Print Quality & Barcodes - To maintain relationships with large retailers, manufacturers are constantly battling the print quality of variable data on corrugate cases. Lot / batch, best by dates, and barcode identifiers must meet certain readability requirements in order to avoid fines from major retailers.
  • Unscheduled Downtime – Some print technologies are more reliable than others, and any stoppage to the packaging line results in lost productivity. Therefore, manufacturers are seeking solutions that are easy to maintain and quick to change over.
  • Use of Noxious, Hazardous Inks – More and more manufacturers are opting for healthier and more environmentally friendly business practices, to rid their operations of the toxicity of continuous inkjet (CIJ) and other printing methods.
  • Large Inventory of Varying Box SKU's - Lacking the ability to customize box printing, manufacturers end up with a large number of different corrugated cases in inventory.  Some quantity of these boxes become obsolete and must be destroyed.

To address these and other common problems in case coding, AT Info delivers three print technologies to deliver large character case coding.  Check out three of these options:

HP Inkjet

Thermal inkjet printers range from single pen to 8-pen models. These industrial inkjet systems print messages from ½-inch high to 4-inches high and 40-inches long with superb print quality adjustable from 150 to 600 dpi.  For a simple ½-inch high message, customers can use the single pen X1Jet or Stitch models.  The AUTOPRINT series 400 printer with 4 and 8-pen models is a cost-effective way to print large character messages and 2-inch high interleaved 2of5 barcodes.

Seiko Performance Piezo Inkjet

The Integra PP108 is a revolutionary, new print system intended for large print areas on corrugate and other porous substrates. It leverages the Seiko print head and a circulating print system.  The print area is up to 4.25-inches tall with speeds up to 984 fpm at 180 dpi, or 492 fpm at 360 dpi.  The unit’s recirculating ink supply is 100% self-contained so zero ink leakage occurs.  See Integra PP108 video for more details.

Trident Inkjet

The X1JET MX is a compact and powerful Markoprint® system based on Trident Piezo technology.  It’s a printer and microcontroller all-in-one with 3 button operation.  X1Jet MX is available in two different versions:  one for printing at maximum 50 mm, and the other up to 100 mm height.