Automotive Industry coding

Automotive industry and coding

Automotive manufacturers turn to MARKOPRINT® by AT Information Products for robust coding systems to satisfy a myriad of complex packaging requirements. They seek solutions that offer traceability, inventory control, and technology innovation.

ATIP’s MARKOPRINT® industrial coders leverage HP THERMAL INKJET TECHNOLOGY in a customizable printer for high-volume manufacturers who print and code packages in multiple sizes for multiple customers. The HP inks are water based and therefore generate much lower levels of volatile organic emissions than other print technologies. No need to buy special chemical cleaners or hire technicians qualified to handle volatile solvents.


MARKOPRINT® allows Automotive manufacturers the ability to maximize their responsiveness and minimize the impact of vehicle recalls due to faulty parts The financial impact for the manufacturer of a defective part can be huge; not only recall costs, but perhaps also fines, loss of share value and reputational damage. Direct part marking, combined with effective vision systems, can make the traceability process both easy and reliable.

Coding and marking also assists with the battle against counterfeit parts. MARKOPRINT® delivers scannable barcodes, and invisible anti-counterfeiting inks with unique taggants. These technologies help thwart the prevalence of fake brake pads, tires, suspension components, steering linkages and other accessories being distributed to consumers.

Inventory Control

Each package is printed with the appropriate brand imaging and the product name plus extensive variable data: UPC bar codes, part numbers, date codes, country of origin and product descriptions in three languages for compliance with national trade agreements.

Customers use barcode scanning for inventory management. However, substrate problems including dust can impact bar codes. Inline mechanical verification grades each bar code and detects problems too small to be visible to the human eye. Boxes that don’t meet the standard are ejected from the line while the machine keeps running efficiently.

In an industry which requires information to be printed onto individual components at various stages of the production process, MARKOPRINT® equipment must be able to comfortably meet the complex demands of automotive manufacturers.

Technology Innovation

MARKOPRINT® industrial coders offer other advantages that older legacy systems cannot, such as codes that are durable, clear and accurate. MARKOPRINT® units are Windows 10 compatible. They also leverage light-solvent inks that dry quickly on non porous surfaces, therefore Dryers are not required.

Another unique and compelling feature of MARKOPRINT® technology is its Smart Card chips. These enhancements authenticate the print cartridge and therefore helps with issues related to counterfeiting. The Smart Cards also track remaining ink levels, and they update the printer software with proper firing parameters to facilitate ink changeovers.