Post Date: July 3, 2024

A Look at Feeding and Inserting Equipment on the Packaging Line

Welcome to Package This — In this episode, we’ll look at feeding and inserting equipment. This group of machines covers a wide range of functions and might be best summed up as the equipment that gets products, components, and containers staged and ready to complete the package on the packaging line.

Placement & Feeder Systems
Feeder technology

Placement & Feeder Systems

Feeder technology varies widely, from desiccant feeders that insert bags into bottles to eliminate moisture, to literature feeders that insert instruction manuals or promotional material into various packages.

One common type of machine in this group is the friction feeder, used to separate and feed individual sheets or items from a stack. They are used to precisely feed labels, leaflets, and other flat items into or onto a range of package styles at high speeds.

Here we see AT Information Products’ offline feeding solutions for flat packaging. The feeders can be equipped with coding equipment and/or a label applicator to add variable information onto flat packaging.

Offline feeding systems are ideal for coding & labeling a wide range of packaging types including cartons, sleeves, bags and pouches. You can see the company’s friction feeders code and label cartons, sleeves, and blister cards, while the vacuum feeders code and label bags and pouches.

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