The secret to inkjet is in the name itself:  Ink.  For the past 2 decades, there have been many innovations to the ink supplies which have enabled inkjet to become a major player in product identification and package coding.  See a list of materials below and the associated inks that typically print best on them.  To know for sure, we are happy to test the customer's substrates to determine the best ink for the application.



Cardboard and corrugated board can be printed quickly and without contact with inks from Markoprint. Excellent prints with changing print contents are no problem. Ink cartridges, specially developed for use with the 400 ml Bulk System, allow cost savings of up to 75% and are the optimal solution for large scale consumers.

Flexible Film

AT Information Products’ solvent inks print on a variety of flexible packaging films, including polypropylene, polyethylene, HDPE (high-density polyethylene), Surlyn, nylon, EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol) and all common coextrusion and composite films from suppliers such as Cryovac, Bemis and others. Speeds of up to 180 meters / minute.

Rigid Plastic

Markoprint is a viable replacement of Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) coders for rigid plastic applications and more.  The Markoprint technology is clean, sustainable technology that replaces the potentially noxious fumes that are generally associate with CIJ.


Markoprint provides inks that have a drying time of less than one second. In addition, these inks provide pin-sharp print images suitable for track & trace and other verification methods. Certain inks are also available as bulk ink supplies, allowing for the changeover without stopping the coding line.

Pulp Cartons

Egg packers deal with a variety of carton materials including pulp, plastic and Styrofoam.  With Markoprint, the various inks provide an attractive alternative to mechanical coders and low-resolution inkjet systems.


PVC and other building materials require certain codes, and Markoprint inks are up for the challenge.  The coders and inks are compatible with PVC extrusion lines.  Solvent ink colors are available in black, red, blue, yellow, white and light blue.


Markoprint coding solutions for wood can reach a speed of up to 180 meters / minute. Printers can create barcodes, logos and interfaces to wood vision systems. Dust proof print heads and bulk ink systems are also available.


Markoprint coders and solvent-based inks are compatible with aluminum, carbon, steel, stainless steel, alloys and galvanized metals. These applications can be found in pharma, beverage, cosmetics and more.  High-resolution is key to the printing of professional codes on foil and metal.

Glossy Labels

Markoprint printing can be integrated into many different label applicators. Inks with a drying time of less than one second ensure sharp printing of 1D and 2D coders and can print up to 50 labels per second, with up to 300,000 codes per cartridge.

Cloth Masks

A popular application leveraging Markoprint is the printing of cloth masks.  Both HP 2580 and HP 2590 are approved inks for such coding.  The high-resolution inks allow for crisp and clear coding of text, barcodes and logos on masks.

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