Post Date: May 8, 2024

Revving Up Automotive Packaging

According to Towards Packaging, the global automotive packaging market size is estimated to grow from USD 8.18 billion in 2022 at 5.4 % CAGR (2023-2032) to reach an estimated USD 13.87 billion by 2032. The automotive sector has witnessed a surge in packaging development driven by the rising global demand for automobiles and after-sales components.

One such development is the coding of automotive packaging.  Automotive manufacturers pre-print their packaging with a box converter, and then must customize the packaging.  Information such as Part Number, Part Description, Origin, and Barcode are commonly added to the outer packaging once the information is known.

RF AUTOIn the past, manufacturers would add the variable information via a label either using an applicator or hand apply.  However, labels and labor are both expensive components so automotive manufacturers have looked for other alternatives to identify their products.

A compelling option to code automative packaging is a turnkey printing solution by AT Information Products.  The robust MARKOPRINT® coding system feeds and codes flat automotive packaging at speeds ranging from 90 to 180 pcs per minute.  Numerous manufacturers and contract packaging companies have been utilizing the HP inkjet technology for several years.

Duralast closeup print qualityMARKOPRINT® industrial coders offer other advantages that older legacy systems cannot, such as codes that are durable, clear and accurate. Light-solvent inks dry quickly on non-porous packaging materials, therefore eliminating the need for a dryer.  Compared to labels, MARKOPRINT® direct print is typically 30% to 50% less expensive.

AT Information Products offers a range of friction feeders that can be deployed to feed cartons and sleeves prior to MARKOPRINT® coding.  Or, if the retailer is unable to directly print on the substrates, then a label applicator or print & apply applicator can be integrated to accomplish the same goal.

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