Post Date: February 6, 2020

Imprinting Labels for Compliance

To remain in compliance with regulatory requirements, manufacturers must include various language and codes on its packaged products.  The list of requirements might include lot/batch numbers, warning labels, expiration dates, barcodes, and more.  But these types of codes are not typically included on pre-printed labels because of the variable nature of the data. Thus the need for an affordable and reliable imprinting solution.

AT Information Products (AT INFO) offers its Markoprint® industrial coders for all types of imprinting.  The high compact design of X1Jet allows for integration on reel-to-reel Unwind Rewind systems.  Simply run a roll of pre-printed labels and X1Jet adds the required variable data.  Speeds are rarely an issue as X1Jet can print 90 meters per minute with high-resolution, or even faster with an upgrade to Ultimate.

For applications where there’s a small knock-out on the pre-printed roll, the precision and flexibility of Markoprint® X1Jet is critical.  The manufacturer can control the precise location to print variable codes using our iDesign message making software that comes with X1Jet.  Codes are quickly created, transferred to X1Jet (via ethernet, wifi or usb), and printed on labels with little or no downtime.

To help variable codes stand out, AT INFO offers either black or spot color inks that are capable of adhering on non-porous label stock.  Or go with one of our security inks that fluoresces when hit by a UV light source.  It’s just one more way Markoproint® ensures your printed code is readable at the right time by the right people.

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