There's now a wide selection of different inks for HP-based systems that are sourced from licensed ink partners.  For porous applications such as corrugate cartons and cases IC1999 is a terrific alternative. The ink dries quickly, is dark enough to yield good contrast for barcode readability, and is very durable over the long haul. The porous inks are delivered via the 45a disposable cartridge.

Inks for NON porous surfaces have increased rapidly.  These inks dry on a range of non porous surfaces including foil, film, hard plastic, glossy boxes, and more. As compared to the porous inks, the non porous variety jets farther (up to 5mm with good print quality).  In addition to black solvent, we offer red, blue, yellow, white, green and light blue.

Bulk Ink

Introducing a robust bulk Ink management system for high volume packaging operations. The Autoprint Ink Management System (AIMS) is designed to increase printing efficiency and to reduce the cost of each print copy.

The system automatically feeds a total of 700ml of ink simultaneously to three, four, six or eight printheads. The HP bulk ink supply is clean and easy to handle. The ergonomic design of the AIMS ink delivery system makes it quick and simple to replace printheads and bulk ink supplies.

AIMS delivers greater up time. It was built for production line applications, and increases efficiency and useful life. Consider the closed loop design with regulated ink flow which is inherently reliable. Its robust industrial components require minimal maintenance. The bulk ink supplies and printheads can be replaced independently, and larger ink supply minimizes operator intervention. Best of all, with AIMS there’s no messy handling and ink disposal procedures.

For even greater savings, customers can opt for a 800ml bag in a box for those porous applications that are so common in packaging. Send a message to AT Info with questions about these larger units.