Post Date: February 26, 2021

Customization of products with inkjet marking

All industry sectors need to trace their products and packaging at a specific moment in their production line. Product identification is an essential process for traceability. It is also a guarantee of quality and safety for consumers looking for data such as use-by dates, ingredients and other product information. Industrial marking allows us to be certain of the origin of products, to battle counterfeiting and to ensure continuity along supply chains.

Brand owners know that inkjet printing technology is a great solution for product customization? Learn how innovative marking systems such as Markoprint Integra PP108 is a game changer for your labeling applications!

Why customize your products?

Apart from product identification, inkjet marking also serves as a showcase for companies: a high-definition logo and a personalized marking are differentiating elements for your customers. Quality marking can help your company stand out and attract consumer’s attention. In addition to traceability, the company’s brand image is enhanced by quality marking. But the company must find the right marking solution.

Inkjet printer Markoprint integra PP 108

Integra PP108 is a high-resolution inkjet system that can print up to two colors using Seiko’s printhead technology. More than a classic inkjet system, the Integra PP108 offers the possibility to personalize your products and packaging: Large or small prints, in high definition for superior quality. Ideal to make your logo stand out, for example!

Key Benefits:

Customization of products with inkjet marking

  • Personalized marking with logos, graphics, barcodes, variables and more
  • Printing with up to 2 colors with only one print head
  • All font sizes, small and large characters, without loss of resolution
  • High print resolution of up to 360 dpi
  • High marking speed without losing precision

Are you interested in customizing your markings? AT Information Productgs is your specialist for industrial marking and package coding with more than 40 years of experience. We can advise you on the best solution to implement!