Post Date: December 9, 2020

NEW Large Character Case Coder Boosts Profitability

Learn how MARKOPRINT® Helps Manufacturers Optimize the Cost Management of Shipping Cases with NEW 4.25-Inch Industrial Inkjet Printhead

The budget related to the purchase, printing and inventory of cardboard boxes adds up to big dollars for manufacturers.  Left unchecked, these costs can erode profitability and increase space utilization.

Examine five Pain Points shared by manufacturers, and how these issues are handled by a new solution from AT Information Products.

  1. Preprinting – Manufacturers offering a wide mix of product sizes, flavors, and styles spend large amounts on pre-printed corrugated boxes.
  2. Variable Coding – At the time of manufacturing, additional variants including lot/batch, expiry dates and barcodes must be specified on the box.  The option to use print & apply labels is even more expensive.
  3. Inventory – The cost to inventory many different boxes add up, in terms of physical space and actual materials.  Example:  5 products with 3 sizes and 4 flavors each, require 60 different box SKUs.
  4. Traceability – Building the capability to track and trace outbound cases are yet another cost for the manufacturer to bear the cost of.
  5. Obsolescence – Inevitably, slow-moving products result in unused boxes for those SKU’s, and the eventual purging of those boxes.

A NEW print solution from AT Information Products addresses all the current pain points and more.  Introducing MARKOPRINT® Integra PP108, a 4.25-inch inkjet solution leveraging Seiko technology that delivers superior case coding.

Direct coding of cardboard boxes with Integra PP108 is the most capable and cost-effective alternative for packaging lines.  Manufacturers can reduce their box SKU’s via the coding of alphanumeric text, barcodes, and logos on shipping cases.  With Integra PP108, 360 dpi resolution is easily achieved, while reaching print speeds up to 492 feet per minute.  No other print technology offers this functionality.

Using Integra PP108, manufacturers can purchase a smaller number of corrugated case sizes.  The 4.25-inch printhead – paired with its 700ml ink tank - codes logos, product identifiers, and variable lot/date information.  The solution yields a more manageable box inventory, lower storage costs, and high-quality coding that meets the requirements of large retailers.

As for traceability of cases, Integra PP108 creates all GTIN barcodes according to GS1 international standards, helping the manufacturer achieve grades of A, B or C ANSI quality, plus fantastic readability.  Furthermore, the Integra PP108 bicolor version allows for a 2nd color so certain codes stand out from the rest.

To see Integra PP108 in action please call for a demonstration at (201) 529-0202.


Please send me samples of Integra PP108 printing on porous surfaces like cardboard and wood.




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