Post Date: July 30, 2019

Beverage Packaging Adopts Light Blue Solvent Ink

Beverage producers across the country seek efficient & effective marking solutions for their products.  Coding machinery is required to print variable data at high speeds without sacrificing accuracy.

Markoprint® industrial systems based on HP inkjet have become the Go-To print technology for more and more beverage manufacturers.  The addressable substrates include printing on glass bottles, aluminum cans, flexible plastic and more.  To make these codes a reality, the emergence of solvent inks has made all the difference.

New from AT Information Products is a light blue solvent ink (part IC2006).  This ink has tremendous readability on both light and dark packaging surfaces.  The ink is jetted from an HP 45si inkjet cartridge with a throw distance of approximately 5mm.  This means there can be a little distance between the ink cartridge and the beverage container to allow for rounded edges.

For example, the light blue solvent ink cartridge works in conjunction with the Markoprint® X1Jet to print variable codes on beverage packagingh.  The X1Jet has a slim profile and can be integrated with many different types of packaging machinery:  conveyors, label applicators, Form Fill Seal, bag sealers, filling machines and more.

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