Post Date: September 4, 2019

Shut The Front Door

Door and window manufacturers have a need to print variable data on their products for the benefit of retailers and end customers.  Traditionally these manufacturers use low resolution printers that cause readability issues, or they opt for expensive labels.  Now, by leveraging Markoprint® coding technology from AT Information Products, door and window manufacturers have a new strategic weapon.

The X1Jet Stitch is an independently operating print system based on HP inkjet technology.  Its slim, space-saving profile allows installation of two or more printers in environments where space is limited.  For door and window applications, X1Jet Stitch easily handles the required printing of these fields and more:  Part names & numbers, Part descriptions, barcodes, logos and more.

To highlight certain information on the building products, Markoprint® coders use a variety of different ink colors.  In addition to black ink, spot colors including red, blue, green and yellow are available.   AT Information Products offers inks are available for both porous and non-porous surfaces.  Print resolution for these inks range as high as 600 dpi, although some manufacturers run closer to 150 dpi and still get crisp readable codes.
To see Markoprint® in action see our Building Products here, or call to arrange a demonstration.