Post Date: January 29, 2021

Trusted Solution for Food and Pharma Brands

Learn how Markoprint® industrial inks and coders deliver safe, high-quality codes for the most critical applications.


Consumer safety is of paramount concern, which is why the Food and Pharmaceutical industries have such high standards for quality in everything they do.  This approach surely applies to the packaging of such products, including direct coding and marking.

Many manufactures have discovered the Markoprint® solution for printing lot/batch, expiry dates, and barcodes on packaging that is closest to food and pharmaceutical products.  The combination of Markoprint® coders – which are based on HP thermal inkjet technology – and GMP compliant inks, form a trusted solution for even the most cautious manufacturers.

See 4 reasons why Food and Pharmaceutical companies are opting for Markoprint® by AT Information Products:

  • Safety – Markoprint® offers HP 2590 black ink for the coding of unit products and packaging. The HP ink is GMP-compliant, and meets the rigorous regulations of food, pharmaceutical, and PPE packaging.  Since COVID became a reality, HP 2590 has also been used significantly for the coding of face masks by high-volume manufacturers.
  • Premium Quality – The versatility of Markoprint® yields high-resolution print quality and outstanding durability. The smart pick is HP 2590, for outstanding adhesion and durability on a variety of substrates used in food packaging.  The crisp, clean ink supply also produces linear and 2D barcodes with a high readability rate by camera-based code verification systems.
  • Substrates – The Markoprint® solution with HP 2590 ink produces sharp, high-res barcodes on a wide range of substrates, including BOPP films. BOPP has grown in food packaging as a replacement for cellophane in applications such as snacks and supplements. The HP 2590 ink is equally effective when printed on foils, glossy labels, and coated chipboard, as extensively used by pharmaceutical manufacturers.
  • Efficiency & Uptime – Manufacturers achieve new levels of efficiency and uptime on their production line with Markoprint® and HP 2590 black ink. The combined solution is ideal for high-speed and roll-to-roll lines, where intervention rates must be minimized. ‘Decap’ time – or time between prints – is not an issue with HP 2590 due to its chemistry.

Manufacturers who are interested to have their substrates tested on a Markoprint® system are encouraged to contact AT Information Products by calling (201) 529-0202, or send a message here.

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