Post Date: April 2, 2024

Turnkey Coding Solutions for Flat Packaging

One megatrend in packaging is the implementation of offline coding solutions, where manufacturers print or label on flat substrates. This practice helps to reduce total costs and increase productivity, without breaking the budget on new capital spending. These applications take place during late-stage production, where manufacturers print variable information including lot / batch, serial numbers, expire dates, and barcodes.

With 40+ years’ experience in packaging, AT Information Products (AT INFO) is a premier solution provider of turnkey coding solutions. To get the highest throughput, coding of flat packaging - as opposed to constructed packages - is a common strategy for manufacturers. From food packaging, to pharmaceutical, to consumer goods and more, coding of flat packaging is the best method when production volumes continue to rise.

Key components to Turnkey Coding Solutions:

  1. High-speed Feeder - Friction feeders are best deployed when the customer's substrates are rigid, such as cartons, sleeves, and hang cards. Vacuum based 'pick & place' feeders are well suited for flexible packaging, such as resealable bags and pouches.
  2. High-resolution Coders - Markoprint coders are built on several print technologies, including HP, Funai, Seiko and Epson. The printheads range from ½-inch tall to 4.25-inches tall, with inks that perform well on a range of materials.
  3. Labeling Equipment - For manufacturers who are not ready to ditch their labels, there's an option to integrate a label applicator or Print & Apply on the chosen feeder.
  4. Wheeled Feeder Stand - These units allow the manufacturer to easily move the equipment within the operation, which helps when floor space is limited.
  5. Shingling Conveyor - High volume applications can experience additional benefits by using a shingling conveyor. This equipment allows the operators to quickly scoop-up the printed or labeled packaging and get them ready for the next station.
  6. Ink Systems – Markoprint coders are based on either thermal inkjet or piezoelectric inkjet. All systems require ink, either in the form of a disposable cartridge or bulk ink supply.

AT INFO brings all the components together to deliver a customized, turnkey solution for manufacturers and co-packers. Customers provide the substrates, and AT INFO tests the packaging on a demo system to ensure success. The printed / labeled packaging is then returned to the manufacturer for inspection, and the entire process is captured via video.

To find out more about the turnkey coding solutions for flat packaging, contact AT INFO at (201) 529-0202 or send a message to [email protected]