Post Date: June 3, 2016

Industrial HP Inkjet is Here to Stay

HP thermal inkjet (TIJ) technology has become a mainstream solution for Mail Addressing and Packaging applications.  This wasn’t always the case, however, as competitors disparaged TIJ as an office technology that could never stand up to industrial environments.  That argument is null and void.


(1) Rugged look & feel – AT Information Products offers a full line of TIJ coders that are encased by stainless steel.  Several models feature a cover for the print cartridge itself which makes the technology splash proof and acceptable for dusty environments.

(2) Inks print on virtually any surface – With the introduction of the HP 45si cartridge in 2014, TIJ is capable of jetting solvent-based inks.  Substrates such as films, foils, hard plastic and glossy card stock are easily printed on in a variety of colors including black, red, blue, green and white ink.

(3) Longer Throw Distance – The 45si cartridge has a throw distance of up to 5mm which is a 200% improvement over earlier HP cartridges.  This means the printhead doesn’t have to be right up against the substrate in order to produce high print quality.

(4) Compact – AT Info’s X1Jet Stitch has a small footprint which enables its integration in tight environments.  It’s common to see these coders mounted on labeling systems, friction feeders, bag sealers, form fill seal machines, farmpackers, and more.

(5) Maximum uptime – Ultimately the printer must be a workhorse in order to be considered “industrial”.  Many packaging lines run 2 or 3 shifts per day printing lot/batch, expiration dates and barcodes.  TIJ excels in these situations.

Contact AT Info for more details on its line of industrial HP inkjet products.  (201) 529-0202.