Post Date: June 16, 2015

“The new system reduced our printing costs by 66 percent”

HP and AT Information Products help Dana’s Brake Parts Inc. meet high package coding standards for automotive parts.

For Brake Parts Inc., quality is the engine of success. Both Brake Parts and its parent company, Dana Corporation, are known for fiercely high standards, continual improvement and customer service. No detail escapes scrutiny—not even the bar codes on the product package.

Dana Corporation is one of the world’s top manufacturers of automotive parts. Its subsidiary, Brake Parts Inc., located in McHenry, Illinois, is the leading manufacturer of automotive braking systems and components. Brake Parts packages systems and components for 12 private brands. Each package is printed with the appropriate brand imaging and the product name plus extensive variable data: UPC bar codes, part numbers, date codes, country of origin and product descriptions in three languages for NAFTA compliance.

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