Post Date: March 1, 2022

The GOAT of Integrated Feeder Solutions

Many are calling it a ‘game changer’ for their packaging operations.  New feeding and print technology from AT Information Products (AT INFO) delivers a trifecta of benefits to manufacturers and copackers.  Learn more about the latest Integrated Feeder Solutions and the underlying features that set it apart.

The breakthrough technology offers late-stage coding customization on flat cartons, pouches and plastic film.  The solutions are geared for a variety of industries who use flexible packaging including food, beverage, cannabis, personal care, and more.

AT INFO’s Integrated Feeder Solutions offer manufacturers the opportunity to boost production output by 5X to 10X, and provide quick payback on the capital investment in as little as 3 months.  The savings are largely driven by the elimination of labor to manually label or code packaging substrates.  Such technology has been promised for years, but now AT INFO is delivering the results with a proven and growing installation base of feeder coding solutions.

In addition to the cost and productivity improvements, manufacturers are now able to efficiently manage their inventory of pre-printed boxes, and bags.  By enabling end-of-line coding solutions, users can minimize material obsolescence while personalizing the packaging with critical information such as lot/batch numbers, expiry dates, graphics, and barcodes.  Additionally, for larger print areas the manufacturer can print nutrition panel information on food and cannabis packaging.

RF Auto flat carton

See the following points of differentiation that allow AT INFO’s integrated feeder solutions to far surpass other competing solutions:

  • Patented auto-gate feature automatically adjusts to accommodate the varying thickness of each flat pack
  • Simple controls and the use of quick-set hopper guides that minimize downtime
  • Larger stack height, by increasing the number of packs that can fill the infeed hopper
  • Machine speeds at up to 90 meters per minute, while retaining control over the substrates as they automatically separate and dispense
  • Easy adjustment to accommodate different packaging shapes, materials and sizes
  • Small footprint with an optional wheeled stand to allow for moving of equipment
  • Versatility of coding solutions – from a single line date code to multiple lines of variable print
  • Code placement accuracy through the use of a vacuum conveyor and double pinch rollers
  • Durable inks that are intended for non-porous packaging surfaces, and are available in multiple colors to accommodate both light and dark packaging
  • Optional shingling conveyor helps operator quickly collect the printed materials and offload the feeder

To test your flat packaging materials on the GOAT of integrated feeder solutions, visit the AT INFO page or call (201) 529-0202.  Alternatively, you can send a message to [email protected].