Post Date: May 1, 2020

The Emergence of Stand-Up Pouches

Stand-up pouches have become a wildly popular, consumer-friendly packaging alternative in recent years. From food & beverage, to consumer goods, to cannabis and more, brand owners are noticing the trends and doubling down on flexible packaging. 

Stand Up Pouches

According to an industry study, the U.S. market for stand-up pouches is expected to grow from approximately $20 billion to $29 billion over a 5 year period. That’s a compound growth rate of 7.5% (2018-2023). 

In the food & beverage industry, stand-up pouches dominate in the packaging of sauces, pet food, ready-to-eat meals, candies, chocolates, dried fruits & nuts, nutritional supplements, and confectionery products. 

Stand-up pouches are made of highly sterilized materials that help protect the product from contamination. Many of these pouches are manufactured using multiple layered films that protect the contents from moisture, light, and odor and preserve the freshness of food & beverages. Despite their popularity by consumers, stand-up pouches are not always easy to code online.  

See full article here, including two vacuum feeder systems offered by AT INFO that are designed to handle stand-up pouches.