Post Date: May 23, 2023

RAZR Advantages over other Print Technologies

Printing up to 34mm high, on almost any product surface, is now very easy with the latest printing technology in our Integra PP RAZR industrial inkjet printer. The permanent print head combines impressive speed with a razor-sharp resolution and integrated redundancy. An intermediate tank allows interruption-free printing during ink cartridge changes. Due to its very compact design, the integration into your production and supply chain lines will be a breeze!

Up to 34 millimeters printing height – The maximum print height of a single Integra PP RAZR print head is 34 mm. Since up to four printheads can be cascaded, the device can realize large character printing with a height of up to 136 mm. Very small character heights of just 1.5 mm are also possible.

Ability to print at the bottom of a box or tray – Most inkjet coders are unable to print at the bottom of a box due to the design of the coder.  With Integra PP RAZR, the placement of the printhead nozzles allow the coder to print within a 1/2-inch or less of the bottom of a box or tray.

Built-in redundancy – The Integra PP RAZR has two separate nozzle channels that can be controlled independently of each other. If one nozzle fails, the second channel ensures that the print image remains streak-free and of high quality. This enables the print information can be read automatically at any time during the subsequent logistics process.

Impressive speed – With a print speed of up to 150m/min at 300 dpi, the integra PP RAZR applies plain text information, codes and graphics to variable surfaces.

High-resolution printing – A print quality of up to 600 dpi is possible with the integra PP RAZR. If desired, the printer can print in different grayscales. This is ensured by adjustable waveforms.

Eco-friendly – Unlike other drop-on-demand printing systems, where the print head is replaced every time the cartridge is changed, the integra PP RAZR has an environmentally friendly permanent print head.

RAZR cartridge

Solvent based inks – Our revolutionary ink is characterized by greater versatility and adaptability. This means that perfect printing results can be achieved both on absorbent materials, such as cardboard, as well as on non-absorbent surfaces, such as plastic and metals.

Ink cartridges with a volume of 250 ml are available for long, uninterrupted printing. Using RFID chips on the cartridges, the printer immediately recognizes the respective ink type and automatically sets all corresponding ink parameters. In addition, RFID technology enables ink levels to be checked in real time and provides more security when using the ink.

RAZR Applications

Thanks to the many advantages of Integra PP RAZR, there are several coding applications that make a lot of sense.  Shipping cases and corrugate trays are typically require full 1-inch tall barcodes with human readable text below the codes.  Shrinkwrapped trays are also possible, as the RAZR’s solvent ink dries quickly and permanently on flexible packaging.  This includes resealable and gusseted pouches used in food, cannabis and consumer goods packaging.

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