Post Date: March 3, 2015

Ramping Productivity at Belt Sleeve Plant

belt sleeve

A growing Supplier of aftermarket belts for automotive, agricultural, and industrial applications has improved its product identification with the addition of two AUTOPRINT® tabletop marking systems.

Previously, the Supplier preprinted its belt sleeves and inventoried the many SKU’s.  During peak seasons the Supplier’s system could not meet demand and order fulfilment, so the Supplier created a manual application of labels.  Total costs for inventory, waste and labor was not sustainable.

Today, the Supplier’s use of AT Info’s AUTOPRINT® tabletop printing system is a significant advancement.  They’re able to add a variety of product identifiers and barcodes at very high production speeds, and they’re better able to meet customer demands.  As sales volume increases, the Supplier is considering adding a third system to accommodate production rates of 150 sleeves per minute.