Post Date: April 20, 2020

Now that’s SMART ink!

AT Info now sells printers with micro controllers and complimentary smart chips on cartridges too.  What’s the benefit for customers you may ask?

smart card cartridge 300x250The moment you insert a smart cartridge into the industrial coder, a myriad of information becomes available to the operator such as the type of ink and the cartridge life.  Also, the smart chip can change the firing parameters of the printer so manual intervention is minimized during changeovers.

Equally important is knowing the amount of ink remaining in the cartridge.  Or how many additional messages can be printed with the smart cartridge before the ink runs out?

And since counterfeit and other knock-off cartridges are sometimes hard to identify, why not allow AT Info‘s smart printer to take the guesswork out of cartridge authenticity?

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