Post Date: October 3, 2022

Pick & Print with Ease

Printing variable information on plastic bags is problematic for most feeding systems. The difficulty is related to the feeder.

Pick & Print with Ease

A friction feeder must apply force such that the substrate moves away from the hopper and onto a conveyor belt. Friction feeding is based on the principle that different materials have different friction holding them in place.

A proven method for feeding plastic pouches is by using a vacuum pick & place feeder instead of a method based on friction. Using vacuum technology, the system picks up the flexible pack using suction cups, places it onto the conveyor, and enables the printing and/or labeling of the pouch.

AT INFO offers RF Pouch, a modular vacuum feeder that easily picks and prints virtually any plastic bag found in the food, cannabis, and consumer goods. The system can accommodate a variety of print technologies including HP, Funai, Seiko, CIJ and TTO. Additionally, labeling systems and Print & Apply are also good candidates for integration on RF Pouch.

On the back end of the machine, an adjustable catcher-tray is used for easy removal of printed substrates. Optionally, a shingling conveyor can be connected – and powered – by the RF Pouch feeder. The shingling conveyor allows more pouches to accumulate and be gathered by the operator.

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