Post Date: August 20, 2015

AT Info’s Strategy Plays to 5 Critical Packaging Trends

Packaging Digest: The top 2015 food and beverage packaging trends include options that are compact and lightweight, digitally savvy, earth-friendly, simplified and sport a personality.

With consumers of every age and ilk—including presidents, celebrities and even the pope—documenting their opinions and the daily details of their existence with selfies, tweets and posts, retailers are selling much more than products: lifestyle is a major consideration, according to Michela Vallalta, Tetra Pak’s director of consumer intelligence. That puts today’s food and beverage companies under crucible-level pressure to connect with modern consumers’ self-images, and still fit functionality, sustainability and with style into their products.

Packaging plays a key role in conveying products’ assets to solidify those connections with consumers, as reflected in these five critical food and beverage packaging trends for 2015:

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