Post Date: November 17, 2014

Final Thoughts from Pack Expo

Pack Expo Chicago 2014

Every other year more than 150,000 folks associated with the Packaging industry visit the industry’s largest tradeshow in Chicago.  Those who attend are serious about packaging.  They don’t just let fate determine which companies contact them to buy their equipment.  Rather, attendees of Pack Expo have a purpose in-mind.  “What packaging strategies can I employ today to give me a competitive advantage now and into the future”?

That’s where AT Information Products can help.  Companies searching for clean, reliable & affordable Industrial Coding & Marking solutions should consider AT Info before making a purchase elsewhere.  If we cannot help you meet your packaging goals then we’ll let you know up-front.  AT Info wants to be the best decision you ever made.

Jet the Small Stuff:  Lot codes, Serial numbers, Expiration dates, Bar codes, Graphics, and more.