Post Date: April 25, 2022

Offline Date Coding of Sleeves

Sleeves are a popular packaging choice for food products, particularly ready meals packaged in trays, tubs or pots.  Adding a simple lot or date code has never been easier when using Integrated Feeder Solutions from AT Information Products.

The addition of a Markoprint coder onto an RF-series friction feeder allows packaging operations to perform late-stage customization of their flat sleeves, cartons and flexible pouches.

Food Sleeve

See 5 distinct advantages to packagers:

Accurate code positioning:  If you are coding onto sleeves or flat boxes, positioning can be a real issue. Online coding has difficulties with irregular-shaped packages and hard-to-reach print areas. On an offline system the pack is presented to the coder in flat form with the print area readily accessible. This allows for consistently accurate code positioning, increasing line efficiency and reducing waste that results from poorly printed packs.

Increased throughput:  For companies who are coding packs by hand, an automatic offline coding system reduces labor costs and speeds up production.  Most Integrated Feeder Solutions can be cost justified in the first 3 to 12 months after installation.

Use to code short runs and trial products:  An offline coder is the ideal solution for trial products, as it allows you to minimize capital outlay while ensuring new products are coded according to retailer and regulatory requirements, without impacting other production.

Extra capacity when you need it:  Under pressure due to seasonal variations, getting more operators on the job might seem like the easiest way of increasing capacity during seasonal peaks. But in fact, purchasing an offline coder to cope with increased production and seasonal lines is usually more cost effective, due to the speed, flexibility and accuracy benefits it brings.

The ability to print with spot colors:  Inks are readily available to code sleeves that are either porous or non-porous.  Spot colors – such as red, blue and green – can be implemented if the packager wants certain information to be more noticeable.  For dark packaging, the available inks include white, yellow and vibrant blue.

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