Post Date: April 11, 2022

Markoprint takes quantum leap with Integra PP108

The Integra PP108 Bicolor inkjet system from AT Information Products is a breakthrough product for two-color coding of shipping cases and other porous surfaces.  The system prints variable codes, warning symbols, logos and other graphics with its 108mm (4.25-inch) printhead, at speeds and print resolutions not available with other technologies.

Embedded within Integra PP108 Bicolor is SEIKO print technology and its recirculating ink system. It automatically removes air from the nozzle rows to ensure long-lasting, clean printed images. The benefit for customers is simplicity of operations, low maintenance, and high uptime for the line.

Integra PP108 Bicolor offers manufacturers and case packers a host of advantages relative to the competition:

  • Fast Production Speeds – Integra PP108 Bicolor keeps up with the speed of production.  The system runs 480 fpm at 360 dpi and is adjustable based on customer requirements.
  • High Resolution Codes – Integra PP108 Bicolor prints high quality logos and hazard symbols in one pass, eliminating the need to apply expensive labels.  The readability of barcodes is superb when running at 180 dpi or higher.
  • Clean & Green Inks – Keep your production area free from spilled ink and noxious fumes.  Integra PP108 Bicolor uses mineral oil free fluids that are eco-friendly.
  • Quick Changeovers & Start Up – Integra PP108 Bicolor starts up in less than one minute. There’s no priming, no heating up, and no purging necessary.  When changing ink supplies, the coding system continues to print while the 700ml ink tanks are refilled.
  • Vibration Resistance – Vibration does not affect the Integra PP108 Bicolor.  The system is shock resistant and not prone to de-prime.
  • Easy Maintenance – The combination of the recirculating ink system and the Seiko print engine makes Integra PP108 Bicolor a robust solution.  If downtime is a concern, Integra PP108 Bicolor is the answer.
  • Variable Installation Height – No need to worry about proper ink system placement. Integra PP108 Bicolor prints horizontally or vertically with no change to the ink system’s installation height.
  • Total Cost of Ownership – The total cost is a function of hardware, ink supplies, maintenance / service, and labor.  Taking all of these into account, Integra PP108 Bicolor is a logical solution for manufacturers and co-packers to consider.

To learn more about Integra PP108 and how it could print on your substrates, call (201) 529-0202 or send an email to [email protected]