Post Date: October 9, 2023

Markoprint Integrations in Package Coding

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Integrating an inkjet coder onto packaging machinery is a straightforward process when you select the right equipment.  See why Markoprint® industrial coders have become a popular choice by manufacturers and packaging companies around the globe:

  1. Choose the Right Inkjet Coder:  Select an inkjet coder that suits your packaging needs, considering factors like print resolution, ink type (solvent-based, water-based, UV-curable), and printing speed.
  2. Evaluate Placement:  Determine the optimal location for the inkjet coder on your packaging machinery, ensuring it aligns with the packaging process and doesn’t obstruct other operations.
  3. Mounting:  Properly mount the inkjet coder securely onto the machinery, using brackets or mounts provided by the manufacturer. Ensure it’s stable to prevent vibrations that can affect print quality.
  4. Communication: Connect the inkjet coder to your machinery’s control system. This often involves wiring and may require the expertise of an electrical engineer.
  5. Ink Supply: Set up the ink supply system, including ink cartridges or bulk ink tanks. Ensure there’s a continuous and reliable supply of ink to the coder.
  6. Software Configuration: Install and configure the inkjet coder’s software to control the printing parameters, such as font size, message content, and printing speed.
  7. Testing and Calibration: Conduct test runs to ensure the coder is aligned correctly, and the prints are of the desired quality. Make any necessary adjustments or calibrations.
  8. Maintenance Plan: Develop a maintenance schedule to keep the inkjet coder in good working condition. This includes cleaning printheads, replacing ink, and addressing any technical issues promptly.
  9. Operator Training: Train your machinery operators on how to operate and troubleshoot the inkjet coder effectively.
  10. Integration Testing: Conduct comprehensive testing to ensure the inkjet coder functions seamlessly within your packaging machinery setup.

Once everything is set up and tested successfully, you can start using the inkjet coder for your packaging operations. Remember that the specific steps and requirements may vary depending on the brand and model of the inkjet coder and packaging machinery you are using. Consult the user manuals and seek assistance from the equipment manufacturers or technical experts if needed.

Markoprint® is widely considered to be the best value inkjet coder on the market.  Integration of Markoprint® has been proven to work on the following types of packaging machinery:  conveyors, flow wrappers, form-fill-seal machines, taper sealers, friction feeders, vacuum feeders, labelers, egg packers, bag sealers, and more.

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