Post Date: October 14, 2019

Markoprint® Integra PP108

Integra PP108 2

Manufacturers are growing to appreciate the versatility, speed and print quality that come with our Markoprint® Integra PP108 .  This is not your ordinary printer.  Integra PP108 has a 4.25-inch industrial Seiko printhead and a 500ml ink reservoir.  Everything about this coder is easy:  from the setup, to the start up, to the upkeep, and more. 

Ideal customers for Integra PP108 are those with a need for printing hi-res codes up to 4.25-inches tall on corrugate or other porous surfaces.  Moreover, customers in the business of wine, liquor, produce and various building materials are good candidates too.  Integra PP108 also prints impressive GS1 application identifiers including linear and 2D barcodes, and the system thrives in high-speed manufacturing environments up to 1000 FPM.

In the pictured application, rolls of kraft paper are easily printed by Integra PP108 at high speed.  The ink dries immediately on porous surfaces and can therefore be rolled up via the winder reel.  For rigid cartons, total production will be metered by the conveyor and not slowed by Integra PP108. 

The compelling value proposition of Integra PP108 includes:

  • Avoid long startup time s when beginning a shift or changing over the packaging line  
  • Keep up with the speed of production without sacrificing print resolution  
  • Minimize downtime caused by vibration, de-priming and constant maintenance  
  • Eliminate ink leakage caused by low quality, legacy coders using inferior piezo technology  

Contact AT INFO for more information or to schedule a demonstration.  Call (201) 529-0202 or leave a web message here.

See Integra PP108 in action here: