Post Date: September 25, 2020

Markoprint® idesign8+ Inkjet Software

Markoprint® idesign8+ Inkjet SoftwareWhen designing the perfect coding system, Markoprint® built a best-in-class solution comprising of the hardware, software and ink supplies.  The software component – iDesign – while not always talked about, is a valuable tool for customers using the technology.

Every Markoprint® system ships with iDesign software.  The latest release is iDesign8+ and it’s the most powerful and user friendly version to date.  Every Markoprint® coder leverages the same iDesign software, regardless of the print technology or number of printheads.

iDesign is a WYSIWYG software that’s both simple to use, but packed with valuable functionality to help Markoprint® maintain its market leading position.  See a few highlights of iDesign8+ below:

  • Print image design with unicode support and TrueType fonts
  • iDesign remote; a universal free data interface for data transfer from ERP or middleware technologies
  • Additional security through user administrations options
  • DBPrint for high speed database list printing
  • Status monitoring for all connected print systems; viewable on smart phone
  • Easy data transfer via ethernet, WiFi, or USB stick
  • Diagnostic tools; interface terminal, in and outputs, signal plotter
  • Suitable for Win7, Win 8, Win 10 (32/64 bit)
  • Works with multiple print technologies:  HP, Seiko, Triden, Funai
  • and much more

Contact AT Information Products for an online demonstration of iDesign8+ to see how you can make use of this versatile message-making software.  Call (201) 529-0202 or visit the contact page.