Post Date: November 15, 2021

Markoprint Handhold Coder Gets Streamlined

Manufacturers know Markoprint as being the best-value industrial inkjet coder on the market.  With Markoprint, operators running the packaging line can print variable information including lot/batch numbers, barcodes, graphics, signatures, and other product identifiers.  While most Markoprint coders are installed on packaging machinery, there may be a need to print codes in an offline environment for rework or other purposes.

The Markoprint X1Jet PRO Handhold is a portable, high-resolution printing system based on HP inkjet technology.  The printhead and controller are all-in-one, which runs off a 12V battery and a charging station.  Messages are transferred to the device by ethernet, USB or Wifi.  There’s an integrated photo sensor to allow for automatic print triggering at just the right location on the product or packaging.

There are many advantages of using the Markoprint X1Jet PRO Handhold relative to mechanical coders and otX1Jet Pro Handholdher digital versions.

  1. Free from any cables or mounts, Markoprint X1Jet PRO Handhold is intended for rework and other offline printing.
  2. The long-life battery has sufficient power for printing over an extended period of time.  Start-up takes less than 30 seconds each morning.
  3. Markoprint X1Jet PRO Handhold uses genuine HP inkjet cartridges with print areas up to 12.5 mm tall.  The system can print different, consecutive messages to expand the total possible print height.
  4. Markoprint X1Jet PRO Handhold utilizes either water-based or solvent inks depending on the substrates to code.  Common surfaces to print include corrugate, plastic, metal, and much more.
  5. Using HP smart card technology, the print system detects the inserted cartridge automatically, ink fill level, and sets the optimal firing parameters.

Markoprint X1Jet PRO Handhold is now available in streamlined design relative to prior models.  An encoder is embedded within the device, and adjustable rollers are located on either side of the printer to allow for the coding of round materials such as bottles and barrels.

Finally, the Markoprint X1Jet PRO Handhold ships in a handy travel case with all the necessary accessories.  Each case fits the handheld coder, battery charger, quick start guide, USB stick, iDesign software, and inkjet cartridges.  This allows for the safekeeping of the entire print system when the unit is not in use.

To see how Markoprint X1Jet PRO Handhold prints on your substrates, call AT Information Products at (201) 529-0202 x125 or send a message to [email protected].