Post Date: February 17, 2022

Markoprint Codes on Flexible Rollstock Material

Markoprint is deployed to code a wide range of flexible packaging through integration on rollstock machines including vertical FFS, horizontal FFS and flow wrappers.  This versatile print technology allows AT Information Products (AT INFO) to capture a sizeable portion of flexible packaging, which now accounts for nearly 20% of all materials used in packaging.

Food Packaging operations need solutions that are reliable, flexible and cost-effective

Manufacturers who utilize flexible packaging are accustomed to coding issues related to thermal transfer overprint (TTO) and mechanical systems. TTO tends to be very costly, in terms of both the ribbon and the printheads.  Mechanical coders, while less expensive than TTO, require lengthy changeovers and limit the overall throughput.

Markoprint offers solutions to these problems and more by offering numerous advantages to the packager:

  • Print quality that’s legible for consumers and manufacturers to read
  • Low to no maintenance with zero moving parts and quick changeovers
  • Clean inkjet solutions that are safe and cost-effective
  • Availability of inks that are approved for food packaging applications
  • Washdown alternatives that thrive in harsh environments

Introducing the family of Markoprint systems and controllers

Markoprint codes on flexible rollstock materialAT INFO offers a full portfolio of Markoprint coding systems including single and multi-head printers, controllers, inks and accessories.  For rollstock machines, our custom mounts allow Markoprint integrations up to 8 printers across the web utilizing an Integra Quadro or Integra Quadro² controller.  The coders are capable for printing product identification text and bar codes on the surface of flexible film and other packaging.  With great precision, Markoprint delivers consistently placed codes despite the changing speeds of the rollstock.

Wide array of high-quality inks for virtually any flexible film

AT INFO’s HP-compatible inks print on flexible packaging, including polyethylene, polypropylene and polyester.  Inks are available in a variety of colors, including black, red, blue, green, white and yellow.  HP 2580 and HP 2590 black solvent inks are intended for printing product identification text and bar codes on the various types of flexible film packaging used in the food industry.

Where we deploy Markoprint coding solutions

The food segment is expected to lead the growth of the flexible packaging market thanks to seafood, meat, and snacks.  Also expected to remain strong are the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and personal protective equipment sectors.

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