Post Date: November 8, 2017

Markoprint USA Codes Building Materials in Challenging Print Environments

Markoprint USA and its line of industrial inkjet coders are commonly used to mark a variety of different building materials. From plasterboard, to PVC, to metals, and even large industrial sacks, Markoprint’s thermal inkjet printers are up to the challenge. The X1Jet and X1Jet Stitch are flexible coders that perform well in tough environments where dust is everywhere, temperatures are extreme, and humidity is high. The units perform well in high production operations where 2 or 3 shifts are required.

Markoprint coders are available in the U.S. from AT Information and their team of professional dealers. The X1Jet and X1Jet Stitch are a clean, cost-effective alternative for printing high-definition alphanumeric and barcode identifiers on building materials. Variable or static messages can be quickly created in iDesign, then printed in ½-inch high increments. For occasional maintenance, simply wipe the printhead with a lint free cloth, and resume printing in a matter of seconds. Replacement of the print cartridge itself delivers a brand new printhead simultaneously

Check out our industrial inkjet coders on the AT Information Products site and see why Markoprint USA is the best value industrial inkjet coder that money can buy.