Post Date: March 30, 2022

Long Lead Times for Labels

There’s never been a better time to transition to Markoprint for direct-on-package coding

Our global economy is currently facing shortages in almost everything: energy, chemicals, pulp, (waste) paper, plastics, inks, transport, laminates, chips, components and especially people!  This leads to reduced supply, long delivery times and extreme price increases in the label supply chain.

What’s causing these changes to the supply?

Assorted labelsDue to the shortage of Nordic paper, lead times for paper-based label materials (about 70% of total demand for labels) have risen to 3 months or more.

Label printers and raw material suppliers are already being forced to prioritize deliveries as raw material stocks are running low.  Accordingly, sectors such as food & beverage, cosmetics, medical, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and more will eventually have problems packaging their products if labels are part of the process.

What’s is the need for labels?

Specifically, manufacturers use labels for three primary purposes:  (1) Branding and consumer information, (2) Variable information, such as batch numbers, bar code, and best-before dates, and (3) Implementing tamper proof and other functions.

An exciting time for Markoprint direct-on-package coding

Markoprint industrial coding systems have seized the opportunity to replace labels in the afore-mentioned industries.  By leveraging Markoprint, manufacturers can print directly onto products, primary packages, and shipping cases, thus eliminating the need for labels.

A common application where Markoprint is eliminating the need for paper labels is on resealable pouches used for food and cannabis packaging.  To add variable codes on pre-printed bags, manufacturers were stuck printing and applying labels which was both labor intensive and slow.  Now, thanks to the versatility of Markoprint, packaging operations have a cost-effective way to customize their bags and boxes while staying in compliance with local regulations.

We invite you to work with AT Information Products to determine the feasibility of replacing paper labels so you can realize the true benefits of Markoprint technology.  Call us at (201) 529-0202 or send a message to [email protected]