Post Date: December 10, 2018

State-of-the-Art Integra Quadro Controller

The latest controller from AT Information Products sets the bar for capability and efficiency.  Integra Quadro was developed for integration in control cabinets given its small footprint (5-inches wide by 8-inches tall) and an external power source so there’s no heat issues.

Similar to X4Jet, the Integra Quadro enables modifications to settings and labels.  The customer can control up to four print heads with Integra Quadro.  That could be a 4-pen printhead with 2-inches total print, or 4 separate single-pens, each at 1/2-inch maximum print area.  The latter is a common application for Form Fill Seal on plastic rolls including BOPP.

Another compelling selling point for Integra Quadro is the ability to use the iLogik Dial and display to select label, input an operator prompt field, and make other parameter and configuration changes.

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