Post Date: April 6, 2023

Integra PP108 Eliminates Pre-Printed Cases

Integra PP108 Printing
More and more manufacturers are actively reducing the total number of corrugated box SKU’s they inventory to ship products to retailers and consumers. A company with 10 different products might have 100 different box SKU’s. This is an expensive way to conduct business, or at least until now.

Using a high-resolution case coding system helps a manufacturer drastically reduce their total number of different pre-printed boxes. For print areas 2-inches to 4.25-inches tall, the Integra PP108 has claimed the title as best large character coder on the market. Here’s why.

Print Quality – PP108 prints the highest quality text, graphics and barcodes of any coder in its class. This allows customers to leverage PP108 to minimize the number of pre-printed box SKUs because PP108 can be used for large format customization.

Speeds – At 360 dpi, PP108 runs at up to 492 fpm. This is faster than 90%+ of the packaging lines. By lowering the DPI to 180 dpi, the speed can be cranked up to nearly 1,000 fpm. None of the other tall printheads can match the speeds of PP108.

Vibration Resistance – An important feature of PP108 is a pump that continuously provides new ink to the printhead. This allows the printhead to overcome issues related to vibration and nozzles out.

Start Up Time – To start the day, Integra PP108 powers up in less than 1 minute, as compared to 10 or more minutes with competing technologies. End of day shutdown is equally efficient

Variable Installation Height – No need to worry about proper ink system placement. Integra PP108 prints horizontally or vertically with no change to the ink system’s installation height. Other print technologies like Xaar are not able to print downward, thus limiting the number of possible applications.

In addition to these various points, the ultimate question comes down to Total Cost of Ownership. Unlike other print technologies, Integra PP108 doesn’t require a costly annual maintenance contract to keep running throughout the year. Once you purchase the print system, the main cost is the 500ml bottles of Mineral Oil Free inks. These bulk inks bring down the cost to print and adds to the savings of eliminating pre-printed boxes for all the different SKU’s.

See the 2-minute video below to see for yourself how Integra PP108 can help your organization realize major savings and throughput advantages relative to your current methods of case coding.

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