Post Date: May 9, 2019

Integra PP108 – a revolutionary, standalone print system

The Integra PP108 is a revolutionary, standalone print system intended for large print areas on corrugate and other porous substrates.  It leverages the Seiko print head and a circulating print system.  The seamless print area is 108mm, or 4.25-inches tall.  See why more and more manufacturers are switching to Integra PP108 for their large character case coding requirements.

    1. Installation Height – No need to worry about proper ink system placement. Integra PP108 can print horizontally or vertically down with no change to the ink system placement.
    2. Start Up Time – Integra PP108 starts up in less than one minute.  There’s no priming, no heating up, and no purging necessary.
    3. Production Speed – Integra PP108 can keep up with the speed of production.  It runs 492 FPM at 360×360 DPI, and 984 FPM at 180×360 DPI.
    4. Print Resolution – Integra PP108 has much higher resolution than Trident or Xaar.  The print resolution is is completely controllable in the software which yields better ink cost control.
    5. Vibration – Because of the recirculating ink system, vibration does not effect the Integra PP108.  The system is shock resistance and is not prone to deprime.
    6. Maintenance – The combination of the recirculating ink system and the SEIKO print engine makes Integra PP108 extremely robust.  Missing channels are much less of an issue, and in most cases a simple wipe will recover the printhead.

To see Integra PP108 in action see, or call us at (201) 529-0202 to arrange a demonstration.