Post Date: January 8, 2015

Inkjet Marking Systems

By definition, “mark” means to write a word or symbol (on an object), typically for identification.  The packaging industry has adopted the term to refer to alpha-numeric text, barcodes and graphics applied to packages.  These marks are generally required by local, national and international law in an attempt to safeguard consumers and accelerate product recalls.

inkjet marking systems

There are many alternatives for applying marks to products and packages.  Mechanical processes such as embossing and hot stamp have been used for more than a century.  In the late 1900’s we saw the rise of thermal transfer, print & apply labeling, and continuous inkjet as packagers searched for greater flexibility on a multitude of surfaces.  Even laser engraving found a niche in package coding.

However, the past twenty years has seen an explosion of new packaging shapes and materials and the industry has had to respond with new solutions.  Introducing thermal inkjet technology (TIJ) from Hewlett-Packard and proven Inkjet Marking Systems from AT Information Products. 

Arguably, TIJ offers the most powerful Value Proposition when compared to the alternatives.

  1. Reliability – TIJ systems are capable of printing 24 / 7. Uptime means packaging lines keep running and generating revenue for the company.
  2. Ease of use – No special training required. If you can snap a new cartridge into a printer, then you can operate a TIJ system.
  3. Superior print quality – Sharp contrast and barcode readability for track and trace requirements. TIJ prints at 150, 300 or 600 dpi with just a click of a button.
  4. Total cost of ownership – No costly maintenance and cleaning costs like other print technologies. Up-front printer costs are affordable, and most inks come in bulk size containers which further drive the costs down.

Last but most importantly, the latest 45si print cartridge from Hewlett-Packard now accommodates more aggressive inks (ie. solvents).  HP 2580 ink, for example, typically print well on films, foils, hard plastic, metal and more.  Why subject the operations team to unhealthy chemicals and fumes when you can have a self-enclosed, cost-effective print cartridge from HP?

To get more familiar with TIJ from AT Information Products, contact the company for a first-hand demonstration.  We are happy to test your substrates and determine the best ink for your application.  Inkjet Marking Systems are in good hands for the next 100 years with HP TIJ and AT Information Products.