Post Date: November 4, 2015

How many codes from an HP Cartridge?

AT Info series 500 products ship with iDesign software for advanced message making.  The following screenshots are examples of how to use iDesign so you can estimate ink usage.

The new SI version of the HP cartridge has been redesigned to use mild solvent inks.  The new cartridge has larger nozzles in the print head which means larger drops of ink and more coverage and darkness with less DPI.

How many codes 1

The above code is 18 characters of a 3mm font typical code used in coding egg cartons.  With the new 45SI cartridge the number of prints per cartridge is 246,000.

Using more of a dot matrix type font instead of a full Arial font you can increase the number of prints per cartridge by 27% or 337,000 prints per cartridge.

How many codes 2

In terms of printing a UPC barcode you would be able to get 119,000 codes from a single cartridge.

How many codes 3

More commonly used today is the Datamatrix code. With the hi-resolution capabilities of the HP cartridge you can put the same amount of information in a smaller area and also increase your output per cartridge 26% from 119,000 to 161,000.

How many codes 4