Post Date: December 28, 2020

Eliminate Complexity from Serialization

With the ability to generate, print and verify serialized 2D codes on to a range of packaging formats, the RF Compliance offers an instant, reliable and easy-to-use solution for pharmaceutical and medical manufacturers who need to comply with regulations.

The system comes complete with a full validation package, a reject system (for automatic removal of reject cartons) and shingling (accumulation) conveyor to maintain high throughput.

Integral inspection of printed information and pharmacode verifies that data matrix codes and human-readable information, such as expiry dates and lot codes, are correct.

To ensure superior print quality that meets the ISO/IEC 15415 quality specification, the RF Compliance is supplied with a Markoprint® high-resolution coder.  The solution offers an offline or “near-line” solution for printing (or labeling) pharmaceutical cartons with several benefits:

  • Pre-printing of cartons allows for multiple lines, or even several hand-packing stations to be supplied.
  • The cartons go through the system in their flat form, eliminating any risk of the pack bulging, skewing or traveling away from the printhead. This means a perfect print is produced, every time.
  • No need to “break” a line to add a coding and inspection station.

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