Post Date: January 15, 2020

Certified Egg Carton Coder

egg carton labels

A clearly visible and legible code is required on egg cartons. MARKOPRINT® by AT Information Products – and MOBA, the world’s leading manufacturer of egg grading, packing and processing machines – have created the perfect solution!

Information on egg carton labels

On the egg packaging, the following data are typically included to provide traceability and to inform consumers about the product:

  • Egg grade (AA, A, B)
  • Egg size (S-XL)
  • Number of eggs
  • Name and address of the producer, packager or merchant
  • Production method
  • Date of production
  • Pack date
  • Best-before date
  • Sell-by date
  • Plant number
  • Explanation of the producer code

Egg carton printing with Markoprint inkjet printers

Marking systems used in the egg industry have to meet high standards in terms of speed, precision, reliability, productivity and efficiency. All of this is fulfilled by our industrial inkjet printers.  On top of that, MOBA certified our HP thermal inkjet printer Markoprint X1JET HP MK3 to be fully integrable into their egg packing machines. Even the included inkjet software iDesign is compatible with MOBA protocol.

Markoprint X1Jet
Markoprint X1JET inkjet printer

In summary, our Markoprint X1JET inkjet printer offers the following advantages for egg carton labelling:

  • Easy integration into egg packing machines
  • Compatible with different software protocols
  • High resolution print images (up to 600 dpi)
  • Extreme high speed of up to 180 meters per minute
  • Maximum printing height of 12,5 mm
  • SmartCard technology for automatic ink fill monitoring and setting of print parameters according to used ink
  • Several interfaces from USB, Ethernet and EIA232 to WiFi (for wireless and mobile access)

A special X1JET firmware was developed to transfer print data, print speed and print start from the MOBA interface software. Key benefits of this solution are the precise data packet transfer, the automatic layout switch and speed adjustment. All print job settings can be made directly via iDesign. The combination of Markoprint X1JET and MOBA systems is a practical all-in-one solution!

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