Post Date: August 11, 2019

It’s no yolk…. Markoprint Codes Egg Cartons

AT INFO’s industrial coders help egg packaging companies with an ongoing problem: how to accurately and reliably code “use by” dates on egg cartons. The technology that’s making such a big impact is Markoprint by AT INFO. It’s value to egg packaging operations is indisputable.

  • Printing on an array of porous and nonporous substrates, including styrofoam, plastic and pulp cartons.
  • The underlying HP inkjet technology is virtually maintenance- and service-free.
  • Markoprint works with sealed print cartridges that don’t leak and are straightforward to maintain.
  • Message creation can vary from small to large, with print quality adjustable from 150 to 600 dots per inch.
  • The small footprint of Markoprint enables easier integration into egg packers and other machines