Post Date: May 11, 2022

Durable Inks for Metal Lids

Metal based packaging materials provide excellent barrier properties. They are used in different package forms and as closures for glass bottles and composite cans.  Various metals like aluminum, tin plate, tin free steel and stainless steel are commonly used for food packaging applications.

When it comes to the beverage industry, metal lids are usually found on glass jars.  Metal is a better conductor of heat than glass, which means the metal lid will warm faster than the glass jar. And when warmed, things expand. Thus, if you run hot water on the lid, it will expand (more than the jar) and become easier to get loose. Metal expands when it gets hotter.

Coding of Metal Lids on BottlesMarkoprint industrial print systems are now a ‘best practice’ when manufacturers seek to code their beverage lids.  Information such as lot, batch, and best-by dates must be printed on the lids at fast speeds.  The printed message must stick and stay on the lids in order to stay in compliance with industry regulations.

Markoprint coders use HP single use solvent ink print cartridges for a variety of applications including metal lids.  The inks are fast drying and resilient to smudging.  With Markoprint, the manufacturers get consistent, high-resolution text that raises the bar when compared to legacy technologies like continuous inkjet.  Line speeds up to 180 meters per minute are possible with Markoprint.

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