Post Date: June 14, 2022

Ditch the Label

Published by Cannabis & Tech Today, Spring 2022

Ditch the Label

With the cannabis industry being highly regulated, it’s not possible to preprint all labeling information on the packaging.

With that in mind, the team at AT Information Products (AT Info) offers a broad line of Markoprint and Autoprint industrial inkjet printers and inks to identify and code products, unit packages, and outer shipping cartons for the cannabis industry.

Maximizing Efficiency

“Our goal is to help manufacturers and customers boost overall productivity while minimizing the labor component” said Jeff Norton, business development manager at AT Info.

The equipment offered by AT Info prints high-quality alpha-numeric text, barcodes, and graphics. Clients use single pen models for printing use-by-dates, lot numbers, batch numbers, THC amounts, and traceability codes on a variety of packaging, such as chipboard boxes, glass bottles, plastic containers, flexible film, and pouches.

“Most industries, including cannabis, have a need to print variable data,” said Norton.

“Typically, companies preprint what they can and then leave a space for the lot, batch, THC content, etc. On the day of packaging, they’ll use one of our machines to code the variable information, before putting the product in the packaging.”

The Power of Integrated Feeder Solutions

One capability that differentiates AT Info from the competition is its integrated feeder solutions. Manufacturers can raise production output by 5 to 10 times and provide quick payback on their capital investment. The savings are largely driven by the elimination of labor to manually label or code packaging substrates.

RF Auto

Integrated feeder solutions meet regulatory requirements for labeling, eliminate hand labor and corresponding safety concerns, minimize labeling mistakes, and reduce operational costs. Additionally, manufacturers can efficiently manage their inventory of pre-printed bags and boxes which reduces overall material obsolescence.

AT Info offers a broad line of friction feeders with the ability to feed flat packaging such as gummy packs, vape cartons, flower bags, and more. For flexible packaging that cannot run on a friction feeder, a pick and place vacuum feeder is also available.

Quality Ink

black solvent print cartridge“A key differentiator of AT Info is the ink products we offer to manufacturers;’ said Norton. “HP 2580 and HP 2590 are both black solvent inks that print beautifully on a variety of non-porous packaging materials used in cannabis. They are the only HP inks that are approved for indirect food contact, which makes them ideal for coding cannabis boxes, pouches, and more.”

AT Info sells printers, ink, and other related supplies and accessories. When a printer is purchased, customers also receive a software system called iDesign, which manages the input of messages into the printer.

“We operate by the philosophy that sometimes less is more … Our Markoprint coding solutions drive fewer costs associated with labor and supplies, yet drive more profits to the cannabis manufacturer’s bottom line.” said Norton.

To contact AT Information Products, call (201) 529-0202, or send an email to [email protected]

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