Post Date: May 4, 2015

Did Good2Grow use sharpie to change expiration dates on its juice products?


Yes, but not because these products have expired. The dates were changed to fix a printing error.

On 23 April 2015, a photograph purportedly showing a bottle of Good2Grow Juice with an altered expiration date started circulating around Facebook.

While the image is real, the expiration date it displays was not altered in order to sell out-of-date products. According to a statement on the Good2Grow Facebook page, employees were instructed to manually change the expiration dates in order to fix a printing error.

“We’d like to explain what happened in this isolated situation. During this particular production run of 8oz Fruit Punch, our date code printer was erroneously printing a ‘6’ that looked like a ‘5’ due to a pixel not printing properly. To ensure that the correct date in 2016 was able to be properly represented to our consumers on every bottle, our warehouse team manually adjusted the number to read correctly. We understand how this employee could have misinterpreted what was happening as not all of the workers involved received a full explanation of the problem. We are very sorry for any confusion or alarm.”

While Good2Grow said that this was an “isolated incident,” the company did not provide any more information about how to identify the affected products.  It’s safe to say this manufacturer was NOT using thermal inkjet coding solutions from AT Information Products.  Our industrial printers are the easiest to use on the market.  To clean an HP ink cartridge simply snap out, clean the print head with a soft fiber-less cloth, snap in the cartridge, and start printing.  It takes years to build a brand on quality and trustworthiness, but it only takes an instant to harm your brand irreparably.  Trust the pros at AT Info.