Post Date: August 2, 2021

Control your Codes like a Pro

The latest technology in print controllers has arrived!  The new capabilities are built-in to the Markoprint® Integra Quadro, which manages up to four inkjet printers for the coding of products and packaging. It is now possible to print both primary and secondary packaging on one or two independent production lines. You can also use Integra Quadro to control two different printing technologies (HP, Trident, Funai or Xaar).

Integra Quadro - Control your Codes like a Pro

Thanks to its compact design, Integra Quadro can easily fit into confined spaces. The existing mounting options make installing within or directly on the industrial line very easy. It has been specifically designed to be integrated into cabinets and machines.  Integra Quadro runs on 24 volts so there’s no heat exchange to worry about.

Printing barcodes, text, numbers, symbols and 2D codes with an inkjet printer has never been faster! Depending on the print content and the printing technology used, a fast running speed of up to 240 m / min at 300 dpi is possible. The intuitive control panel makes it easy to change the print and label settings locally. The powerful Markoprint iDesign software is available for designing and managing print layouts.

Another compelling selling point for Integra Quadro is the ability to use the iLogik Dial and display to select label, input an operator prompt field, and make other parameter and configuration changes. The Integra Quadro has all common interfaces such as Ethernet and USB, which allows the data to be transferred to the printheads 1:1 and printed in real-time without batch processing.

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