Post Date: October 18, 2021


Label ApplicatorLabel applicators are intended to apply pre-printed labels to products and packaging.  In many instances, variable codes – such as dates, serial numbers & barcodes – must be added to the packaging at the time of manufacturing.  Therefore, acquisition of a digital coder is a necessary investment.

Markoprint® industrial coders have become a best practice for printing variable codes on pre-printed labels.  The small footprint of the Markoprint® X1Jet and X1Jet Stitch allows for integration with virtually any label applicator available on the market. 

Markoprint® coders are primarily based on HP INKJET TECHNOLOGY.  The single head systems incorporate a controller and printer in all-in-one.  Programming of the printer for different label sizes can be accomplished using iDesign message making software.  The messages are sent to the printer via USB stick, Ethernet or WiFi connection.

The deployment of Markoprint® provides maximum reliability and up-time for the customer.  HP-based ink cartridges are available in a range of aqueous and solvent-based formulations that can print on both coated and uncoated materials. Ink colors include black, white, red, yellow, green and two shades of blue.

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X1Jet on label applicator