Post Date: November 30, 2020

Coding of Dark Packaging with Markoprint®

Looking for Product Identification or Package Coding alternatives?  There are various print technologies available to customers.  Numerous studies now indicate a preference towards Thermal Inkjet, rather than Print & Apply, Laser, and thermal transfer.  Take a look at the best-in-class Markoprint coders featuring HP THERMAL INKJET.

The task of coding gets complicated when manufacturers print on dark substrates.  Example:  black glossy boxes and glass with dark liquids.  In recent years, several inks have been introduced by HP and their licensed ink partners allowing for the direct coding onto dark substrates. These inks come in the HP 45si industrial print cartridge, and the inks are light-solvent in nature. The combination of the 45si cartridge and larger drop size of the ink results in a further throw distance between the printer and substrate. These inks can typically print legibly from 5-7mm away.

Originally the light-solvent inks were only available in black ink. Now, some 5 years after the 45si cartridge was launched, the available inks come in red, blue, green, yellow and white.  Our favorite is a vibrant blue solvent ink which has tremendous readability on both light and dark packaging surfaces.

If you’re interested to see how the new solvent inks look on your specific substrate, contact AT Information Products to arrange a runoff of print samples. Call (201) 529-02020 or drop a message here.